A totally unexpected opportunity for a delightful experience

Posted on September 29, 2011 · Leave a Comment 

Our group was given the opportunity to enjoy a Sunset Cruise onboard the Cayman Private Luxury Charter in Grand Cayman. I had never been on a yacht before and was amazed at the amount of room for guests as well as the number of sports/activities that were available to be enjoyed.
We were provided with snacks and drinks by our most accommodating hosts, and enjoyed just being out there and relaxing while viewing the beautiful sunset all the while taking pictures of it and each other. Our host, Ann along with the captain and first mate were most gracious to our group. They even took a picture of all of us standing beside the yacht after we disembarked.
What a great experience. It would be a highlight of your visit to the Cayman Islands as it was with us; a final treat before leaving the Cayman Islands..


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